Bedford Animal Control

What Bedford Animal Control Does

  • Enforce local, county, and state laws regarding pets and wildlife
  • Help control the nuisance animal population by education and trapping
  • Help locate lost pets and make sure they are returned to their owner or to the County Animal Shelter
  • Investigate complaints of animal abuse and cruelty
  • Keep the streets free of “Roadkill”

City Of Bedford Laws You Should Know

  • Maximum number of dogs and cats permitted – Only 2 cats, 2 dogs, or 1 of each is allowed per household
  • Barking or howling animals ¬– You cannot allow your dog to bark or howl to the point that it disturbs your neighbors
  • Dogs and other animals running at large – You must keep your dog on a leash, a tether, or behind a fence.
  • Registration of dogs is required – If your dog is older than 3 months, you must register it with the County and have it wearing the tag
  • Control of dangerous and vicious dogs
  • Registration of dangerous or vicious dogs
  • Animal defecation – If you take your dog for walks, you must clean up after him/her (even in the park).
  • Feeding of deer and undomesticated animals prohibited – Do not feed the deer, raccoons, cats, or any other animals.

Nuisance Animal Prevention

  • Do not feed stray animals (cats), deer, or any other wild animals
  • Keep your garbage in tightly sealed containers (bungee cords are a big help).
  • Make sure you have a cap on your chimne
  • Seal any holes along your roofline and around the foundation of your home
  • If you feed the birds, use a feeder with a catch pan underneath so the feed does not fall to the ground
  • If you compost, use a composting container or erect a fence around the compost pile. Scavenger animals such as coyotes, raccoons and skunks see compost and think buffet!

Common Complaints – Your Neighbors “Pet Peeves”

  • Dogs running off their leashes
  • Dog owners not picking up after their dog does its “business”
  • Continuous barking when a dog has been left outside for to long
  • Outside dogs that do not have adequate food, water, and shelter

Havaheart Trap Loan Program

If you do experience a nuisance animal problem, we do have a “Havaheart trap” loan program. We will loan you a trap on a first come basis. We will tell you what bait to use and how and where to set the trap. If you do catch something, we will pick it up for removal.

To view all local ordinances, please see the Bedford City Ordinances. If you have any questions or an animal problem, please call the Bedford Police Department at 440-232-1234.


165 Center Rd
Bedford, OH 44146

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