What Is A Snow Parking Ban And When Is It In Effect?

In the City of Bedford, there is a snow parking ban that goes into effect if there is more than 2” of snowfall in a 24 hour period. So what does this mean for you as a resident and how do you know if there is a parking ban in effect? Keep reading to find out more.

How do I know if the snow parking ban is in effect?

The city determines if a snow ban will be imposed by the amount of snowfall that has happened in the past 24 hours from when the Service Department opens at 8AM. If you wake up in the morning and there is more than 2” of fresh snow fall on the ground, you can safely assume that there is a snow parking ban in effect. If you are not sure, you can contact the Service Department at 440.735.6583 and ask.

What does it mean for me when there is a snow parking ban in effect?

A snow parking ban means that you are not allowed to park on the street. Parking on the street during a snow parking ban can result in a ticket and fines.

Why is there a snow parking ban?

There is a snow parking ban in Bedford primarily so that snow plows can effectively clear the streets of snow. Cars that are parked on the street when there is a lot of snow on the ground can be buried or damaged by passing snow plows, so even if you are not concerned about getting a ticket, you should be concerned on whether you will be able to get your car out from under the piled up snow.

In addition, snow piled up in the street rather than on the tree lawn can make it difficult for emergency vehicles to drive down the street. In short, it can make it dangerous for you and your neighbors if you don’t move your vehicle off the street during a parking ban.

While a snow parking ban may cause some inconvenience to residents who have smaller driveways or who are expecting guests, when you understand that a snow parking ban is intended to help protect your vehicle and to help keep the residents safe, it only makes sense to pay attention and pull your cars into the driveway when there is more than 2” of snow.

Bedford, OH Named #8 Most Beautiful Main Streets Across America By Architectural Digest

Bedford is a wonderful place. We have old and lovely homes, amazing green spaces and a one of a kind gathering place in the Bedford Commons. Often, these beautiful aspects of Bedford are unknown or ignored by people outside of the city. So that is why it is with immense pleasure that I am able to report that Bedford was recently recognized by Architectural Digest magazine as one of ‘The 15 Most Beautiful Main Streets Across America.’ As a matter of fact, our little Downtown came in #8 out of all the thousands of big and small downtown areas across the whole United States. That is simply amazing.

According to Architectural Digest, “Nothing says Americana like a paved road flanked by old brick buildings and hand-lettered signs,” and we certainly have that here in Bedford. Broadway Avenue is lined with well preserved and stately old store fronts that flow gracefully into the Bedford Commons, which is surrounded by stunning and architecturally unique buildings.

Laura Hulett, Bedford resident and owner of The Broadway Cyclery in Downtown Bedford said, “Bedford is an often overlooked gem in North East Ohio. We have a vibrant downtown with great businesses and opportunities for more to join this amazing community. It offers a small-town charm that cannot be denied. There are exciting events on the Commons almost every week that bring together our diverse community. “

Our Downtown is not only beautiful; it is rich in history. The buildings on Broadway can say that they have seen an epic bank robbery and the subsequent shootout that was a result of the coming together of Bedford store owners to stop that robbery. Those buildings have witnessed Bedford residents protesting violently against slavery and saw those same residents listening quietly as Abraham Lincoln spoke to them during a stop on the way to take his place as president of the United States. They have watched trains come and go daily while horse and carriages faded away to be replaced by automobiles.

As residents, it can be easy for us to forget the treasures that we have here in our city. There is no doubt that Bedford has run into some challenging times as of late, but this award shows what potential the city has. With a little bit of guidance and perseverance, Bedford will be able to capitalize on this asset and many, many others.

To read the original article from Architectural Digest, please visit:

Using Bedford Commute Times To Help Avoid A Long Cleveland Traffic Rush Hour

It is the Great Cleveland Traffic Debate, how do you deal with Cleveland commute times? Driving in Cleveland can sometimes feel like you are driving a brutal gauntlet. Getting from the East Side to the West side, or vice versa is a nightmare. Sometimes even getting into neighboring suburbs can be a Battle Royal as you find yourself at the whims of the traffic gods at the 271/480 split, 90 East and The Jennings Freeway during Cleveland’s morning traffic. But there is a solution to your commuting problems. You need to look into making use of the Bedford Advantage by choosing to live or work here in Bedford, OH.

Did you know that the average commute time for residents of Bedford is 22 minutes? Why so low? Because Bedford is centrally located to many Greater Cleveland Suburbs. It is as close to the West Side as you can get and still be on the East side. Below is listed the average drive time from many cities in and around Cleveland:

Akron 29 minutes
Aurora 22 minutes
Beachwood 12 minutes
Bedford Heights 6 minutes
Bentleyville 16 minutes
Brecksville 20 minutes
Brook Park 25 minutes
Brooklyn 21 minutes
Brooklyn Heights 17 minutes
Chagrin Falls 20 minutes
Cleveland 24 minutes
Cleveland Heights 24 minutes
Cuyahoga Heights 18 minutes
Euclid 25 minutes
Garfield Heights 11 minutes
Gates Mills 20 minutes
Glenwillow 11 minutes
Highland Heights 21 minutes
Highland Hills 13 minutes
Hudson 20 minutes
Hunting Valley 22 minutes
Independence 15 minutes
Linndale 23 minutes
Lyndhurst 18 minutes
Macedonia 12 minutes
Maple Heights 3 minutes
Mayfield Heights 17 minutes
Mayfield Village 19 minutes
Moreland Hills 17 minutes
Newburgh Heights 19 minutes
North Randall 10 minutes
Oakwood Village 8 minutes
Ohio City 25 minutes
Orange 11 minutes
Parma 21 minutes
Parma Heights 25 minutes
Pepper Pike 16 minutes
Richmond Heights 23 minutes
Seven Hills 20 minutes
Shaker Heights 16 minutes
Solon 13 minutes
South Euclid 21 minutes
Tremont 19 minutes
University Heights 20 minutes
Valley View 14 minutes
Walton Hills 7 minutes
Warrensville Heights 11 minutes
Woodmere 12 minutes


Don’t let Cleveland commute times get you down. When looking for your next home or looking for a place to locate your business, consider Bedford, Ohio. Turn your Cleveland driving experience from a negative one into a positive one just by making sure you are starting from centrally located Bedford. This little bit of Cleveland traffic information is just another reason to consider the Bedford Advantage.

What is the Bedford Advantage?

Simply put, Bedford, Ohio is one of Northeast Ohio’s best kept secrets! People who have experienced the Bedford Advantage can’t stop talking about it. Bedford has the advantage of being a great place to live, work and play in the NEO region. Whether you are looking for a place to live, locate your business or simply looking for a fun, local place to visit, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the Bedford Advantage.

Living in Bedford, OH

Are you looking for a charming neighborhood to located to in the Cleveland are? Do you love historical homes with unique features? Maybe you are looking for a house that is affordable but still has a yard? How about having an average commute of 20 minutes to most Cleveland Suburbs? Want your kids to grow up in a community with summer festivals, playgrounds, a tight knit school community and safe streets and yards to play in? If you said yes to any of these things – especially if you said yes to all of these things, you need to look at the Bedford Advantage.

Residents in Bedford love the affordable, unique housing that is centrally located to most Cleveland Suburbs. People who live in Bedford also love the easy access to the MetroParks and the fact that the city has invested heavily in green and play spaces for residents over the years. People who live in Bedford know that they have the luck of living in a small town near the big city, and they love it.

Working in Bedford, OH

Both big and small businesses love the Bedford Advantage. Larger businesses love the fact that the City f Bedford has easy access to major highways and is centrally located. Smaller businesses love the charming store fronts and the potential for casual shopping the adorable Historic Downtown area. There is ample commercial zoning and the city is eager to work with new businesses, big and small, to help the  relocate to an ideal spot within Bedford.

Playing in Bedford, OH

Bedford is not just a place to live and work. It is a destination in Northeast Ohio! Spend a day visiting Bedford and you will find unique festivals, events, music, nature and history. Bedford prides itself on providing a one of a kind tourist experience. No matter what you like to do, you will spend an enjoyable day in Bedford when you visit.

Plan your day in Bedford. Visit the Bedford Reservation, come celebrate with us at one of our festivals or just come and stroll through our award winning Historic Downtown and Historical Society museum. Don’t forget to check out all of the music and art venues that happen all summer long. You will never be bored when you visit Bedford.

Now You Know About The Bedford Advantage…

Now that you are in on one of Northeast Ohio’s best kept secrets, take some time to learn more about Bedford. Bedford has many pleasant surprises in store for anyone who comes to live, work or play here. We want to see you soon! Consider buying your next home here, locating your business here or simply just stop by for the day to say hello.